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Who Needs Experience?

Unfortunately, everyone. Everyone needs experience but not everyone has to be older to have it. Does that make sense?

Experience comes from the willingness to step out of the comfort zone and try new things! It also come from failures, however, more times than not your failures are not really failures at all! Failing is another way of learning, and the most successful people in life have failed multiple times but never gave up! You know what happened during those failing times? Experience. I remember a time when I was in my mid-twenties and starting out as a bank teller that I would within a year 1 would be able to jump right into a management position. I had the confidence within myself to know that I could do it and learn to be good at it but trying to prove that to upper management was where the struggle came into play. The only way your going to prove yourself and climb the ladder within any career is to continue to welcome experiences!

I always knew that I just wanted to keep growing, there was not a specific industry that I wanted to work for growing up. I wanted to understand and learn them all! Which is why I have landed were I am in my marketing career, building websites, managing social media, and helping businesses of all types grow!! This is also how I will continue to gain experience! It is that experience that gains knowledge and acts as a guide throughout life. It is that experience that helps when telling your story or branding yourself. Never be afraid of experience, allow it to help you grow!

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