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Pricing  & Services

S² pricing varies based on each clients need.

Services available include: 

Website Set up

This includes the domain name & security for 1 year. S² will also maintain the website for the client based on a monthly contract. 

Social Media  

S² will set up any Social Media Networks the client is interested in. S² will also maintain these pages by building and posting content for the client each week, based on a monthly contract


S² can design logos, websites and personalized content for each client, tailoring to their digital marketing needs.  

Consulting & Education 

S² will meet with clients to get a better understanding of the direction that they want to take their digital marketing efforts in. S² will also help guide & teach clients how to maintain their website/social media pages. 

Select Service & Prices 

Advanced Website | Starting at $700
Get a website with customized visuals, advanced features and more.
Website Guidance | Starting at $50
Get guidance about the design and functionality of your Wix site.
Classic Website | Starting at $350
Get a basic website including a theme.
Redesign Website | Starting at $200
Get a new theme and design for your website.
Migrate Website | Starting at $50
Use your existing graphics and content in a new Wix site.

Store Optimization | Starting at $50
Get content, features, campaigns or promotions to drive sales.
eCommerce Website | Starting at $100
Get a store with up to 20 products, plus payment & shipping methods.
Store Settings | Starting at $50
Set up shipping, taxes and/or payment methods.
Advanced Store Capabilities | Starting at $50
Customize product pages, improve product discoverability, add special menus and more.

Connect Domain | Starting at $50

Connect or attach a domain to your site.
Site Updates | Starting at $50
Add a page, make minor adjustments, technical improvements, or fixes.
Install Apps | Starting at $20
Add apps like Forum, Blog, Events, Bookings, Store and Chat.
Mobile Website | Starting at $100
Get your site to look great on mobile devices.

Brand Development | Starting at $75 

Get a brand story, analysis, logo, color palette and typefaces.

SEO | Starting at $50 

Boost your site traffic by getting listed on search engines.

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