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Why is Branding so Important? 


Branding is the bread and butter of your business. It is important to have consistency when establishing and marketing your brand. This helps when it comes to business to business (B2B) and customer recognition. Whether your company is big or small it is important to have a simple (yet eye catching) logo that flows throughout your website, professional social media pages and any other marketing pieces such as business cards, logo wear, pens, pads of paper, etc. It is not very often that companies change their branding but it is possible with the right campaign strategy behind it. When you think about Apple products you think of  the famous apple symbol/logo, right? Same goes for Android you think of the little green alien looking guy, right? This is their identity, label, mark but most of all it is their brand! has an article written by John Williams that explains even more about "The Basics of Branding" that is worth the read!


S² is ready to help make your brand become well known and recognized! 

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