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No Clue What I Am Doing!

Do you feel like you have no clue what you are doing when it comes to Digital Marketing? You are not alone! Most small business owners and/or entrepreneurs do not. It always starts with an idea that sparks

the growth. The problem is trying to figure out where to start and what foundation blocks to lay down first! First and foremost, would be getting all your legal ducks in a row, file your business name with the state and IRS, then get your checking account rolling to be ready to accept payments. After that foundation is established, it is time to put together the Digital Marketing pieces.

Build your website or have a web designer build you a website. Most people underestimate the power of a good website. It is so very important for a growing from the ground up business. Next would be adding in your social media accounts. Utilize Facebook Business Suite to its fullest by being able to post on both Facebook & Instagram. Build a personal and business LinkedIn account. Never ever forget to get your business established on Google My Business! I have talked about this before it is so important for SEO to have A GMB! Consider Twitter if you are more of a service type business and Pinterest if you are a product-based business. Although it can be time consuming trying to manage a website and multiple social media accounts it is what is going to help you grow and become a known business!

Never be afraid to not know which direction to go in first just pick one, master that path and continue to learn and grow from there. Trial and error are how most business owners learn! There cannot be success without some failure first. The experience I have so far as a small business owner is that having patience is the hardest and time management is not too far behind that. I often get so caught up in helping my clients get their feet on the ground/ off and running that I forget that I still need to keep marketing myself so I can keep growing! I am so proud when I complete a website re-design and get feedback from my clients that their sales and traffic are increasing. However, it is just important to remember that I need to stay out in front of new prospects too as much as they are! It's okay to feel lost at times but don't stay lost, get growing!

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