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I've talked about the importance of a logo, how to make a stand with your brand, the importance of maintaining your social media accounts and SEO... now let's talk about your website!


It is so, so, so important that when a potential customer searches your keywords in their web browser, that they find your website in return, and once they click on your site that they feel instantly attracted. The attractiveness is what is going to make them want to stay and explore what you have to offer! You are going to want to make your site as easy to navigate as possible so your customer can find what they are looking for quickly. Equally, and just as important, is having a kick-ass home landing page, an about you/us page, a blog if you're into blogging, an online shopping tool if they are buying a product from you, etc.

There can be so many layers within a website; however, you are going to want to make sure there are not too many or else your visitor is liable to get lost and then give up if they can't find what they are looking for within the first 30 seconds of being on your site.

Some attention grabbing tips:

  • Have less than 2 minute videos throughout the site.

    • Especially if you are selling products. Demonstrate the products for your customer in a video while answering some commonly asked questions.

  • Don't get too wordy.

    • Keep the verbiage on your different pages short, sweet and to the point. They are not visiting your site to read the life story behind your product or service they want the cliff notes and/or a less than 2 minute video to watch.

  • Make use of bright colors, backgrounds and make each page unique.

  • Have pictures, pictures and more pictures!

Make your website fun but professional. You want your customers to get a sense of welcoming and trust when browsing your site.

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What in the world is SEO? Well if you're a small business and haven't ever heard of this acronym then you need to read this! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is THE KEY to being found on the web. How many times a day do you pull up Google and search for something, anything? Probably more often than you even realize. No matter what search engine you use, they all rely on KEYWORDS. The more specific the person searching is, the more accurate the search results are. However; most searchers will only use one or two words when they are looking for an answer, product, or service. Which is why making sure your website uses keywords based on what you have to offer as often as possible throughout your whole website is very important. It is what is going to get you to the top of the searches and drive traffic to your website and social media pages.

Google My Business, Google My Business, Google My Business is absolutely critical! If you do not have Google My Business (GMB) set up and attached to your website then you are missing out on so many business opportunities! It is similar to other social media accounts, the more often you post within GMB, the more you're going to show up in the search results. When you hire me & use Wix as your website provider we will make sure your Google My Business is set up and connected properly. Then and only then is when you will start climbing to the top in the search list! When it comes to the world of branding and digital marketing staying active within your social media accounts and having an updated website is one of the biggest steps to success!

Check out this Blog by Wix for even more information on SEO: Click Here!

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Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Whether you absolutely love or hate social media it is a definite must have to grow your business! It is also extremely important to stay active on social media when you are trying to promote your business. I always tell clients to think of it like your portfolio. Even if you do not need any more business or work added to your already full plate, your social media platforms are what keep you in front of potential customers, and ahead of the competition. It is where you can showcase what goods or services you offer while also building relationships with other businesses.

The possibilities are endless with digital marketing when it comes to social media. Not only can you use it for advertising, but you can also use it for hiring potential new employees. Facebook and LinkedIn are great places to advertise for help wanted. Some experts will tell you that you need to post content 5-6 times a day to stay in front of your audience but honestly, I think if the content you are posting is eye catching and straight to the point it you could get away with only posting 2-3 times a day. Your audience will appreciate not having the over kill on their timelines as well. I also advise clients to utilize Facebook advertising as much as possible; as long as, their budget allows. For as little as $10.00 you can run an Ad that could reach up to 400+ people in 5 days. Those are people that are going to see your Ads and will start to remember your name/brand.

Other great features on Facebook include the ability to schedule appointments for customers or show a menu if you are in the restaurant business. It becomes a one stop hub for whatever you need for your business. LinkedIn is similar as well when it comes to advertising. Think of it this way; would you rather spend $5-700 on newspaper Ads a month and not be able to track who is seeing your Ad, or would you rather cut that budget down and use social media, where the cost is minimal, and you can see who all has engaged in your post/Ad? That minimal cost can also generate leads when looking for buyers/customers.

So, although social media can have its trying times with all the things that happen in the world and the commentators, it can be a huge benefit add for businesses. It can help grow your business or just showcase your business; it just depends on what your need is.

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